EAPC Toolkit

The EAPC Primary Palliative Care Taskforce, under Scott Murray and Adam Firth, have developed a Primary Palliative Care Stocktake and Toolkit.

Click here to access the full report of this Taskforce and the Toolkit in the following languages: English, French and German.

The stocktake documented information from a range of countries in Europe, demonstrating a diversity of both primary care and palliative care models of delivery. The Toolkit is based on a population health approach to service development in palliative care. Using this framework it offers a range of resources to assist those who wish to facilitate the development of primary palliative care in their setting.

The meetings gave an opportunity to participants to review work to date, and provide input into the definitive version of this toolkit.

While the work has been done with a European focus in mind, this work has obvious implications for the WONCA Cancer and Palliative care interest group as well, and is being written so that it has world wide applicability.

To view the presentation around the Toolkit, click here.