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posted Apr 10, 2018, 5:08 PM by Joel Rhee
  • A very personal (and professional) reflection by Scott Murray on the importance of early palliative (or anticipatory) care was published in the June edition of the BMJ.
  • The March edition of the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Healthcare have published an article by Trine Brogaard, Mette Neergaard and Scott Murray, which describes calls for primary palliative care throughout Scandinavia!
  • In the March edition of EJPC Santiago Corrêa et al describes the initiative ‘We are by your side’ that he has been involved in to formalise primary palliative care in Brazil. 
  • review article by Afshar et al. from Germany elucidates the importance of optimising the identification of non-cancer patients in need of palliative care in general practice.
  • Two recent publications from Canada have helped to put the spotlight on the value and enablers of home deaths. Results of a multi-province study involving 60,000 cancer patients in their last month of life, found that investment in home-based palliative care reduces overall costs to the health care system. The link to this article by Burge and Lawson et al published in Current Oncology is available here
  • The second article also by Burge and Lawson et al, published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine, addressed the congruence between the last preferred and actual location of death among adult Nova Scotians who died from chronic disease. They identified emotional needs being met, nursing and family physician home visits, palliative care program involvement, and being at home for the majority of the last month as independent contributing factors to achievement of a home death among those who voiced the desire to do so.