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News from France - Primary Palliative Care

posted Apr 7, 2016, 6:31 PM by Joel Rhee
A new National Plan for Palliative Care 2015-2018 has been launched in France, last December. 

€190 million will be allocated to patients’ information (Axis 1), education, research and knowledge dissemination (Axis 2), community palliative care (Axis 3), and universal access to palliative care (Axis 4). 

For the first time in France, primary care professionals will be directly mobilised in the integration of palliative care in the continuum of care. Early identification of palliative needs will be promoted by regional health agencies.  

Dr Sébastien Moine, a GP and a member of the IPPCN is co-ordinating a task force aiming to implementing Axis 3 of the plan (Developing community palliative care ).