Meeting history

The group first met in Quebec city, Canada, in October 2005. This site provides links to information about individual primary palliative care researchers and an anthology of their publications. Additionally, we are hoping to generate a range of research topics that address issues in palliative care that are of international importance. To this end, we meet annually, aligned to a major palliative care or primary care meeting.

IPPCN pre-conference workshop at the 24th International Conference of the Indian Association of Palliative Care

IPPCN has facilitated a pre-conference workshop (9 February) at the 2017 International Conference of the Indian Association of Palliative Care (10-12 February). Click here for details.


Palliative care highlighted at the WONCA, Special Interest Group in Brazil, November 2016

This pre-conference WONCA SIG attracted a large group, including many Brazilians eager to hear about palliative care in the community internationally. 

Prof Geoff Mitchell first welcomed everyone and explained the vision of the SIG and of the International Primary Palliative Care Network which had members in every continent. 

Prof Scott Murray then highlighted the recent WHO manual on integrating palliative care in all settings, especially the community.  He had contributed to this very useful manual which spells out how palliative care can be integrated in primary care in various high, middle and low income countries.

Then Dr Santiago Correa illustrated how his project in Brazil works so that others could learn from it.  See link to EAPC blog. This was received very enthusiastically.  The new President of WONCA, Professor Amanda Howe, visited the special interest group and encouraged us to continue over the next few years in this priority area for primary care. 

During the WONCA conference itself we held a “basics of palliative care” session for GPs which lasted 3 hours.  Daniel Azevedo and Claudia Buria, both from Brazil, presented in a very dynamic fashion key issues about identifying and helping people with frailty and dementia.  Geoff Mitchell then gave a clear basic talk on symptom control.  Again there was much enthusiasm around this. Slides will be available on  see picture attached.  

On the last day of WONCA Brazil there was a special panel on palliative care when we heard presentations from Geoff Mitchell (summarising palliative care in Latin America using a presentation from Dr Liliana deLima (USA), Maria Goretti Sales (Brazil), Thomas Martin (Costa Rica), and Santiago Correa (Brazil)  In closing,  Scott Murray (UK) who showed a 4 minute video giving a 4 dimensional rationale for early palliative care which was well received, and which soon should be available as a teaching aid for students and postgraduate teaching for nurses, doctors and allied health professionals. 

There will be great opportunities for further palliative care input at WONCA in Seoul in 2 years’ time and in regional conferences before then.  Meanwhile the SIG and International palliative Care Network are going ahead to help different countries to integrate palliative care in primary care, using the Toolkit  developed by the EAPC Taskforce and WONCA in 2016. See

Scott Murray,

Co-chair of WONCA cancer and Palliative Care SIG


Meeting at the EAPC World Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark

The 2015 meeting of IPPCN was held at the EAPC World Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark. IPPCN was hard at work as evidenced by this photo:

Professor Scott Murray presented on how EAPC Primary Palliative Care Toolkit could be used to develop community-based palliative care in Europe. Click here for a copy of the presentation.


IPPCN Annual meeting 
NAPCRG Annual research meeting 23 November 2014, New York USA

Twenty people attended the 2014 meeting of IPPCN, held in conjunction with the Annual 
meeting of the North American Primary Care Research Network.

The meeting commenced with a summary of the previous year’s activities. Several very
important milestones and initiatives were achieved in the previous year, which included: 
four new members of the IPPCN executive; Primary palliative care being mentioned by name 
in the WHO resolution declaring palliative care to be a core target of health systems of every 
member nation;  Prof Xavier Gomez Batisite being appointed to map out an implementation 
strategy for the WHO palliative care resolution; the release of a report outlining the 
relationship between primary care and palliative care in 29 European countries; translation 
of the GP toolkit, used to assess primary care involvement in palliative care, into French, 
German and Spanish. 
For the full report, click here. In addition, Scott presented an overview 

The meeting heard a series of presentations which represented the major challenges to the 
provision of primary palliative care, namely identifying patients at risk of dying, care 
planning  at the interface, interdisciplinary palliative care, and measuring outcomes in 
primary palliative care.

Professor Scott Murray (Scotland)

Dr Clint Cupido and Ms 
Elizabeth Pitout (South Africa)

Professor Geoff Mitchell (Australia)

4. What outcomes should we measure to evaluate good supportive care? How good supportive care be evaluated from the perspective of: health system (broadly); health sector (primary healthcare); practice organization level; provider; and patient/family.
Assoc Professor David Nowels (USA)

Each of these presentations generated excellent discussions, and the full 3 ½ hours was 
easily occupied.

IPPCN members presented posters and oral presentations in the main meeting included 
Geoff Mitchell, Fred Burge, Scott Murray, David Nowels, Bev Lawson, Bert Leysen Bart van 
den Eynden, Cees  Ruij, Dori Secceraccia, and Michele Aubin. 
There was a session fully devoted to palliative care oral presentations.

The next meeting of IPPCN will be held in conjunction with the Primary Care Cancer group 
meeting (Ca-PRI) in Aarhus, Denmark, on 20-22 May 2016.


Prague dual meetings a success

For the first time we held our annual meetings across two conferences. Both the European Association of Palliative Care and the world WONCA meetings were in Prague, less than a month apart. To make the most of this unprecedented opportunity, we elected to run events at both meetings. Over one hundred people attended one of our meetings, with the focus of the meetings being similar but different.

One of the initiatives of the last couple of years has been to align the IPPCN with these two groups, and establish working groups or interest groups in both. This year was the opportunity to demonstrate a vibrant primary palliative care presence through these working groups.

To view a full report of both meetings, click here.

EAPC Primary Palliative Care Taskforce

This task group, under Scott Murray and Adam Firth, have developed a Primary Palliative Care Stocktake and Toolkit. The stocktake docimented information from a range of countries in Europe, demonstrating a diversity of both primary care and palliative care models of delivery. The Toolkit is based on a population health approach to service development in palliative care. Using this framework it offers a range of resources to assist those who wish to facilitate the development of primary palliative care in their setting.

The meetings gave an opportunity to participants to review work to date, and provide input into the definitive version of this toolkit.

While the work has been done with a European focus in mind, this work has obvious implications for the WONCA Cancer and Palliative care interest group as well, and is being written so that it has world wide applicability.

To view the presentation around the Toolkit, click here.

To go to the EAPC Primary Palliative Care Taskforce, click here.

WONCA World primary care meeting

The Cancer and Palliative Care working group sponsored a pre-conference workshop. The time was shared between cancer and palliative care.
Our colleagugues from the Primary Care Cancer Research group (Ca-PRI), David Weller and Annette Berendsen, presented an overview of the issues related to cancer survivorship and primary care. To view these presentations, click here (David Weller) and here (Annette Berendsen).

Individual member presentations

Several members gave presentations highlighting outstanding work going on in locations worldwide. Click on the relevant links to view these presentations:


The seventh Annual meeting of IPPCRG was held in conjunction with the 19th International Congress of Palliative care, held in Montreal in October 2012. The meeting itself was held at the Montreal General Hospital.
2012 Meeting report


Fred Burge - IPPCRG in context of Primary Healthcare Renewal

Finding patients who may die

Kirsty Boyd- SPICT - Developing an identification tool for palliative care patients in the population
Paul Gregan- Assessing the applicability of search tools to Irish general practitioners
Keri Thomas- Electronic searching for people with palliative care needs
Geoff Mitchell- NAT:PD-C Getting the right care delivered in the right place at the right time

Canadian innovations in primary palliative care

Doris Barwich- Fraser Valley system wide integration of care model
Cathy Clelland- Practice change – a practice support program to facilitate practice changes

Facilitators and barriers to involvement in primary palliative care.

Geoff Mitchell- Consulting styles and how they influence primary palliative care delivery
Joshua Shadd- Practice styles and provision of palliative care
Scott Murray - Report on the EAPC primary care stock take


The sixth Annual meeting of IPPCRG was held in Lisbon, Portugal, in association with the European Association of Palliative Care Meeting. Below are the presentations from this meeting.

Report and Presentations

2011 Report (106KB)
L.Radbauch. Welcome and introduction (4.3MB)
U.Pachmajer: being a GP in Austria (287KB)
J.Abela: Community palliative care in Malta (644KB)
P.Pype: Primary Palliative Care in the Low Countries (156KB)
T.Broggard: Primary Palliative care in Denmark (516kB)
G.Mitchell: Palliative Care in Aged care facilities in rural Australia (1.7MB)
M.Kendall: Primary Palliative care: research beyond cancer (7.2MB)
S.Eychmuller: Community end of life care in Switzerland (1.4MB)
E van Rijswijk: Coordination of palliative care patients in the Netherlands (172KB)
J.Pereira: Primary Care Research in Canada (1.3MB)
X Gomez-Battiste: The NECPAL project in Catalonia, Spain (2.3 MB)
J.Rhee: Primary Palliative Care Research in Australia (1.2MB)
M.Leng: Primary Palliative Care research in Uganda and beyond (3.0 MB)
H. Osman: Palliative Care in Lebanon (3.8 MB)
T. Powell: African Palliative Care Research Network (274KB)
A. Barnard: Report on Cape Town/ Namibia Meeting (274KB)
S. Murray: EAPC plenary: Potential of primary care to deliver palliative care (3.8MB)
E. van Rijswijk: Training GPs in proactive Palliative Care (English) (897KB)
E. van Rijswijk: Training GPs in proactive Palliative Care (Dutch) (590KB)
N. Schneider: Finding a place for Primary Palliative Care in Germany (8.7MB)
A. Barnard: Primary Palliative care in Africa (1.9MB)


The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Primary Palliative Care Research Group was held in two parts. The meeting itself was held at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. The participants then travelled to Windhoek, Namibia, to attend the third African Palliative Care Association meeting.

Report and presentations

2010 Report (321 KB)
S. Murray: Introduction to the International Palliative Care Research Group (762 KB)
A.Barnard and B Van den Eynden: Facilitating collaboration in research (287 KB)
C. Blanchard: Spiritual Care (644 KB)
F. Burge: Can anybody help me? (1.2 MB)
C.Cupido: Abundant Life (2.64 MB)
B. Van den Eynden: Palliative Care in Ecuador (153 KB)
L.Farrant: Palliative Care Research (211 KB)
N.Graham: Dialogue between palliative care and traditional African healers (5.64 MB)
L.Gwyther: Palliative Care Research (607 KB)
C.Jameson: Impacting the mortality of HIV (442 KB)
I.Kolawole: Pain in HIV/AIDS (1 MB)
M.Leng: Academic Palliative Care (3.44 MB)
B. Matonhodze: Good news from Botswana - an appeal for help (3.9 MB)
G.Mitchell: Answering the big questions (2.19 MB)
S.Murray: 5 key areas for research (2.22 MB)
E.Namukwaya: Palliative Care Needs Assessment (832 KB)
C.du Toit: Managing pain in totality (313 KB)
S.Zambrano: Journey with the dying (282 KB)


The Fourth Annual Meeting of the Primary Palliative Care Research Group was held in conjunction with the Society of Academic Primary Care meeting in St Andrews, Scotland.


Meeting cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


The Third annual meeting of the Primary Palliative Care Research Group was held in conjunction with the 9th Palliative Care Meeting in Melbourne. Several members of the group presented at the meeting, including Dr Keri Thomas who presented as a plenary speaker. This provided excellent exposure for primary palliative care to the palliative care communities in Australia and New Zealand.


The annual meeting was held in Keele, UK on 11 and 12th July 2006, in association with the annual Scientific meeting of the UK Society for Academic Primary Care.

Annual Meeting Report (40KB)


Inaugural Meeting Report (30 KB)