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The Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network (Ca-PRI) is an open, multidisciplinary network for researchers in primary cancer care and related areas. Ca-PRI was founded in 2008 and welcomes researchers from all disciplines related to research and development in the fields of cancer care in primary care. They meet annually - the next meeting is at the University of Cambridge on 15-16 April 2013.


For the latest news on EAPC, please visit their blog.

EAPC Primary Palliative Care Stocktake and Toolkit (English, Frenchis based on a population health approach to service development in palliative care. Using this framework it offers a range of resources to assist those who wish to facilitate the development of primary palliative care in their setting.

APCA Toolkit 

This toolkit is designed to help the development of palliative care in African countries. It can be found by searching the African Palliative Care Association website (above).


Primary Health Care, Australia

2007 Palliative Care Australia Conference

This website gives access to a national undergraduate curriculum for undergraduates in any health professional undergraduate course. As such it provides teaching in the principles of the palliative approach, and requires content to be added appropriate to the respective health professional courses.

Caresearch is the Australian Government funded website dedicated to providing health professionals and consumers with high quality, evidence based information on all aspects of palliative care. Unique features includes research tools including pre-programmed search strategies for palliative care topics, and a grey literature database. Extensive links to Australian palliative care enhancement programs are also included.


Primary Health Care,Canada

Network for End of Life Studies, Dalhousie University


South Africa

Primary Health Care, South Africa